Music Industry in 2019


Joe Platt, PaperClip Staff/Writer

The year 2019 has recently come to an end. A lot happened this year in the music industry. New music was being dropped weekly. Some artists were more successful than others.

Have you been wondering what the top song was this year? 

According to the Billboard Hot 100 List of 2019, Old Town Road was the number one song of the year. This rap song with this new country-infused element was written by Lil Nas X. Throughout the year, it was the number one song of the week a total of 41 times. 

Students at Portsmouth High School were questioned about their knowledge of what the top song of the year was. 20 students were interviewed and the results were actually quite impressive.

13 students knew the answer, including seniors Patrick Mountjoy and Andrew Kelly, quoting “Oh, no doubt it’s Old Town Road.”

There was also a few students who guessed that it was another song by Lil Nas X, Panini. 

The students were also questioned about what kind of music they listened to this year and what their favorite song was in 2019. 

Billie Eilish was a popular choice. Seniors Mia Labrie and Cailey Morley, both agreed that an Eilish song was their favorites of the year. Even though it was released in September of 1983, senior Will Gaudreau, said that his favorite song was Shout at the Devil by Mötley Crüe. 

Clearly, the music industry in 2019 was intense. Over 500 mainstream albums were released, and the average American person listened to 26.9 hours this year.

Now we can sit back and see what music will be like in 2020!