Black Panther is Back

– Spoilers –


Natalia Burke, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Out of all of the Marvel Studios movies, I would have to say “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is the most culturally diverse. With the “Black Panther” movie it was nice to see the advanced technology that Wakanda had in this production. The question of the movie was, how is the death of the Black Panther going to affect the movie?

As “Wakanda Forever” began, I could sense the amount of suspense this film was going to carry. As if connecting our worlds together, Marvel tied together Chadwick Boseman’s death in the real world and how he dies in the Marvel Universe. Now, for Marvel Studios credit at the beginning, they tend to show snippets of scenes from past films, but they showed scenes of Boseman’s past scenes.

I feel this was very respectful to the actor on how he had touched this universe. I liked how they brought up the fact that mourning is very important for everyone. Shuri hasn’t let go of her brother’s death and does not want to move on. A year later, the Queen Romanda has graciously moved on and is no longer being held back since his death.

Director Ryan Coogler made an amazing comeback with this film. Almost everyone that is connected with Marvel thought a second Black Panther would be impossible. Well, Coogler made us see that we could create something besides sadness from someone’s death. He showed the feeling of grief, celebratory, and hope throughout this film.

The choices for each outfit were on point throughout the production, as it added the culture and futuristic effect. And each song they added helped add more feeling to each scene. Even when they cut out the sound it emphasizes how important the scenes were.

This film brought politics into it, and at first I didn’t think it was important but I think it helped it in the end. Wakanda was being accused wrongly, but they did not sway, instead they stood their ground. Bringing in the attackers in the court was a totally powerful move, which helped show the power of Wakanda.

Also, bringing a whole new country in was very interesting to me. Usually people make Alantis exist if they want an underwater country, but they use another society in this film. I feel this made it unique to the movie. Aukatan Mayan is based on the Yucatan Mayan society. The “god” in the film is called “The Kukulkan” which is a feathered serpent god. The people are called Talokanil and they are hidden to the world like the Wakandans. The similarities between Wakanda and Talokan City are they are both peaceful countries unless provoked, their leaders want to protect their people at all costs, and they each have vibranium.

Overall, this movie was excellent. It was a very good stepping stone for the Marvel universe to move on with a storyline. I hope to see more of Wakanda.