Top 5 Shoes for a High School Student


Maeve Riley, Paperclip Staff/Writer


Nowadays, there are many upcoming and rising shoe brands. Current fashion trends worn by PHS students are changing every day. There are many different kinds of fashion tastes that circulate Portsmouth High School. Students wear various brands of shoes and some of the most worn ones are Nike Jordans, Vans, Nike Air Force 1, Adidas, and Doc Martens. All of these shoes come in different colors, styles, sizes, and even different fabrics.   


Nike Jordans on average cost from $100-$200. Nike Air Forces average in cost around $100, depending on the color and style. Vans cost from $50-$65. Adidas Women’s Originals cost from $60-$100. Men’s Originals cost from $70-$120. Doc Martens Women’s and Men’s boots cost from $120-$180. They are all a little more pricey but the quality and durability of the shoes are good. Doc Marten has a life long warranty so if they rip, they will fix them or give you new ones for free.