Snapchat vs. Instagram

Lily Webb, PaperClip Staff/Writer

With Facebook as the first, Instagram as the second, Snapchat is now the third (and possibly soon to be the second) most popular app. The app allows users to send photos or videos with messages that delete automatically in 1-10 seconds after being viewed. The whole industry was surprised after hearing Facebook was turned down by Snapchat after offering a $3.1 billion buyout for the image sharing app. Turns out, Snapchat’s decision only gained, as today’s value is $10 billion. But what about Snapchat’s biggest competitor Instagram?

Instagram is used for editing and sharing both pictures and videos. Snapchat had different features than Instagram until Instagram revealed their latest update known as “stories,” in hopes of taking Snapchat users attention. “Stories” are used for capturing and sharing photos/videos all at once to friends. Instagram stories look identical to Snapchat’s stories, and people have many mixed feelings about that. According to “Wishbone’s App” pole, 63% preferred Snapchat, while 37% preferred Instagram. Also, 75% voters out of 32,000 said that they would not delete Snapchat due to Instagram’s similar features.

Students at Portsmouth High School generally prefer Snapchat to Instagram. Abbie Fedorowich, a sophomore at Portsmouth High School, said that “They are totally different so it’s hard to say” when asked if Snapchat or Instagram is preferred. Abbie also added “I think because it’s easy to communicate at a fast pace” when asked why  Snapchat is becoming so popular. Hannah Taylor, a junior at Portsmouth High School, said “I prefer Instagram.” On the other hand, junior Kate Loughlin said “I deleted Instagram and I prefer Snapchat.” Jenny Currier, a junior also preferred Snapchat because it is “more convenient.” She also mentioned that she is “against Instagram stories and never uses it or looks at it.” Freshman Jessie Ward also added, “I use Snapchat more, and I think Instagram copied Snapchat.” Lastly, sophomore Cam Morrisse said “I prefer Snapchat because it’s easier to see what everyone’s doing.” He also thinks, “It’s stupid how Instagram has stories now.”

Everyone’s differences will remain, but it is clear that most teens prefer Snapchat over Instagram because Snapchat offers an easy and fun way to communicate.