Question: How to Deal With Peer Pressure? 

Read below to hear about some ways to handle peer pressure as a teen.


Benjamin Hathaway and Trinity Zola

Perspective 1:

Peer pressure is not something you can completely control, but there are things to do when you get in a situation. If you are hanging around people who are constantly pushing your limits or trying to force you to do things that make you uncomfortable, try to distance yourself from them.

If you can’t for some reason, before going out, have a talk with your parents or guardian. It’s smart to have a set word to text or question you ask where they can come pick you up. It’s important for you to have a trusting relationship with your parents and guardians, and that will grow if they know you will ask for help when needed. 

Perspective 2:

Some people exaggerate the effects of peer pressure. If you’re with your friends, they would probably ask you and mess with you for a little but it won’t make them feel differently about you. 

The hardest part about peer pressure is if you’re at a party and you want to seem cool or impress someone by doing drugs or drinking alcohol.  Something isn’t really worth it because those people don’t truly deserve you. If you need to do something to harm yourself to make someone like you don’t. 


Ms. Carpenter had some great insight on today’s age, that peer pressure is becoming worse due to social media. Before phones and technology,  you would get asked at school and that’s it. Nowadays someone can keep asking and asking over the phone or some type of social media account.

Peer pressure is hard and you can avoid it, the best thing you can do is learn from it and then when situations come up, you can avoid them.