A Local’s View On Trump’s Immigration Plan

A Locals View On Trumps Immigration Plan

Reignie St. Pierre, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Our President Donald Trump has strong views on immigration in the United States. President Trump decided he wanted to end a program called DACA that protected young immigrants brought to the United States illegally by their parents. The federal court system has decided to block his administrative rule, and allow for the DACA program to stay to protect young immigrants commonly known as dreamers. After the ruling Trump said the Federal Court System was “broken and unfair”. The court ruling came late on the night of January 9th.

Trump has said numerous things regarding immigrants status. President Trump made a remark about Haitian immigrants saying that “All Haitians have AIDS.”

Americans don’t know what to think about what he said. Trump and the White House deny any allegations of him saying this, but many people say they have heard him say this. This shows his stance on immigration.

On Thursday afternoon, Trump made yet another comment about immigrants.President Trump got mad at lawmakers in the Oval Office when they discussed protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries he then reportedly said “Why are we having all these people from s****hole countries come here?” This caused an uproar on twitter some people calling his racist and others praising him for speaking his mind.

To get the viewpoints of actual people I decided to interview my father. He is a Haitian immigrant that came here December of ‘89. He is still a citizen of Haiti and has permanent resident card here.

What are your thoughts on Trump’s comments?

“They are very insensitive considering the fact the people he is talking about are remembering the 8th anniversary of their “s***hole country’s” earthquake. I think this is just heartless and racist.”

Have you ever got discriminated for being an immigrants?

“I almost got beaten to death alongside my siblings when I was younger by people with the same complexion as me just because I wasn’t born here and had an accent. It’s shocking, because I always thought people who look like me could not discriminate against me, because we share the same history.”

Do you get sad when you see the president disrespect your country?

“I think it’s almost like deja vu, because in the early ‘90s Haitians had to march through Manhattan to protect their integrity, because they were accused of bringing AIDS to the USA. A march that drew thousands of Haitians including me, and it’s sad I have to see this, so many years later especially when its coming from our president.”

Are you happy that you came to this Country?

“I am happy I came to this country although I faced discrimination. I am very thankful for my father for bringing us here and this many opportunities this country gave me. I am thankful for this wonderful family this Country gave me, and the new friends I met along the way. Not everyone has the same viewpoints as Trump on immigration. There are very very good people all over this country.”