Is there a Parking Issue at Portsmouth High School?

Seth A. Rice, Paperclip Staff/Writer

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The cost of a parking pass at Portsmouth High School (PHS) is $150. Some students think that price is too high and needs to be lowered. Parking is offered to juniors, seniors, and PHS faculty. In addition to the cost, another concern is the amount of spots available.

“The price of a parking pass is too high. I can’t afford it so I usually just buy a $75 pass for the second half of the year,” Brandon C., a student at PHS said. This is a problem for students who cannot  afford to park at the school. He also stated, “I know some schools that my friends go to only have to pay $20.” That is more than six times less than at PHS.

In addition, the spots seem to fill up too quickly and students must get to school early to find a decent spot: “Parking is worse for kids like me who live further and can’t get to school until later. By the time I get there all the spots are filled and I am forced to park on the hill or in overflow,” student Jake T. stated. The high school has two main parking lots, as well as other places to park, with designated spots for teachers that students can’t park in even if there are empty spots.

Lowering the price of parking or adding more places to park may make the kids at PHS happier and more content with the issues of parking on campus.