Where Do You Eat Lunch?


Photo by Jenny Currier

Jenny Currier, PaperClip Staff/ Writer

The cafeteria isn’t the only place to spend lunch time, and many students even say it’s not the best. PHS students are very fortunate to be able to choose from so many places to eat lunch or even just hang out.

The most popular place to eat is the cafeteria simply because that is what it’s made for.

“It’s the most exciting room to be in.” Says Calvin Kobylinski on why he eats lunch in the cafeteria.

Students also eat lunch in the student center for different reasons.

Tatiana Kutchey agrees that “It’s quiet, and there’s always open seats.” 

Senior, Addie Sargent has a different reason for sitting in the student center, “My friends all eat in there and I’ve sat there since freshman year.”

“It’s just home.” Janna Sargent, member of the PHS marching band on eating in the band room.

Sometimes students will take their break in a teacher’s room with a group of friend like Kayla Buckley, “I’m friends with all the people that eat in Pozzetti’s and it is much quieter than the cafeteria.”

Some students don’t even eat at school. “I like taking breaks from school” Lance Rizkalla takes advantage of his off campus privileges “School lunch isn’t my favorite.”

Julia West uses her lunch time wisely by walking the hallways “We spend our whole day sitting down so it’s nice to walk around.”

Lunch break is a good forty minute break for students to decompress and refresh to prepare for the rest of the school day.