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Student Opinion: PHS considers K-9 Sweeps

Jack Tizzard, PaperClip Staff/Writer

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With PHS considering bringing in drug dogs to sweep the school, I believe it’s a good idea, but not something that PHS needs. In my time at PHS, as a senior, there has never been a legitimate life threatening situation involving drugs.

If in a life threatening situation, I could see how the drug dogs can help by sniffing out a bomb or intruder. But a dog walking around the school and cars to randomly check doesn’t seem to fit; it could be a distraction to classes. Portsmouth is a pretty fair sized city, with approximately 20,000 people living in Portsmouth. I think there are more significant crimes where the dogs could be actively on duty.

I personally doubt that PHS needs the dogs more than the actual city does. PHS does a solid and fair job at enforcing the rules here, making it even more less likely, to have a need for the dogs.

PHS already has a school resource officer, a police officer at the school for the whole day, to protect the students and staff if something were to occur.

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Student Opinion: PHS considers K-9 Sweeps