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Pledge Survey Results Are In!

Rachel Marti, PHS PaperClip writer

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On September 29, a quick survey was given to some of the students of Portsmouth High School about their thoughts on whether they had heard about the professional and amateur athletic teams kneeling down during the national anthem. The results were collected anonymously, and it turns out that the majority of the students have not only heard about the athletic teams kneeling, but have opinions as well. 

In the pie chart above, it shows that more than half of the students surveyed think that kneeling was respectful. Some of the reasons for why they thought it was respectful include, the athletic teams were protesting non-violently and that they were exercising their first amendment rights.

However, 21% of the surveyed disagreed, saying that the athletic teams aren’t accomplishing anything by kneeling or that they aren’t being respectful to the military veterans who put their lives at risk for fighting for our country.

Others didn’t know enough on this topic to give out an opinion.

Meanwhile, the minority of the survey takers said that it was both respectful and disrespectful. Those survey takers mentioned that the U.S has never been perfect nor will it ever be. The players did what they felt was right and no one can control what they do as an individual. Plus, the first amendment in the Constitution clearly says that we have the right to freedom of speech.

Julia Mathews, a senior who attends Portsmouth High School, commented about the pledge results and stated, “I am pretty surprised that 21% of those people thought it was disrespectful… I thought that was going to be a much lower percentage.” She thinks that the athletic teams were doing the right thing by protesting peacefully and exercising their rights.

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Pledge Survey Results Are In!