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Opinion: Transferring into TASC

Ezra Schrader, PaperClip Staff/Writer

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I know nothing of the times before the TASC block.

A newcomer to PHS, I have no idea what life prior to this 40 minute period’s existence at Portsmouth High must have been like. Without biases or an understanding of the changes of the block, I’ve personally found it useful but flawed.

The flaws of TASC block are probably more obvious to students than teachers, most likely because we’re on the receiving end of the them. Many classes introduce the week’s workload on that first Monday class, so students may TASC into a first or second block class for the week without knowing about their third block history essay due on Wednesday.

Another disadvantage of the block is that students can only TASC into the same class twice  during the week. All of us have favorite teachers and especially difficult classes which we either want or need to TASC into all week. For example, during the week I needed to make up a test as well as review for an upcoming quiz, both of which required a review day. I ended up TASCing in for two math days and then studying for a math quiz in an English classroom.

Despite the relatively bleak picture I’ve painted, I’m grateful for the period. The block allows students such as myself to make up quiz grades, catch up on homework, meet with teachers, and go take enrichment courses for their personal growth. I’ve heard my TASC teacher repeatedly tell us that another virtue in  TASC is the way it forms “special bonds” with the group at your Monday meetings.

For it’s flaws, the 40 minute chunk of time has allowed me to retake tests, study for said retakes, take short naps, and catch up on homework. The system does require fine tuning but it’s made my time and classes at PHS more manageable, and I appreciate it for that.

The Paperclip is going start up a poll on our website for students to express their opinions on TASC block by voting on our website.  


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Opinion: Transferring into TASC