Coat O. Arms, British pub beloved by Portsmouth and beyond, dies at 22


Max Pont, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Coat O. Arms, 22, of 174 Fleet St., Portsmouth, NH, passed away on Saturday, May 27th. Coat was a prominent member of the Portsmouth restaurant scene, growing steadily in popularity since her birth in 1994. As Coat’s standing in the community grew, her presence on both tourists’ and locals’ dining itineraries grew with it. Diners patronized “the Coat” for her classic British pub fare, wide selection of British and local beers, trivia, pool, and overall unpretentious atmosphere.

Coat’s passing followed a prolonged episode of death rumors and lease-related illness.

Early plans to redevelop Coat were released in April 2017, sparking fear in the hearts of loyal patrons that this would spell death for the revered watering hole. Representatives of Coat tried to quell this fear, stating on her Facebook page, “If we ever decide to knock it on the head we will let you know” with an accompanying “Not Dead Yet” Monty Python clip on April 15. However, her customers’ worries were confirmed on May 6, when an announcement was given on the same Facebook page that Coat would have until May 27th to live. Complications surrounding the terms of a new lease were cited as the primary cause of death.

“Her death is very sad for me on a personal level, but also disturbing. It shows that Portsmouth is abandoning its working-class, port roots,” said Caroline Hinson, a longtime friend and visitor of Coat. “There’s really no affordable, comfortable place where you can take new generations.”

Coat’s unending generosity and willingness to give back to the people of Portsmouth is deeply felt. She will be missed.