The Importance of Prescott Park


Image taken from @prescottparknh via Instagram

Anna Lieberman, Paper Clip Staff/Writer

Although winters can be cold and brutal, our small city is bustling with events and activities over the summer. Established in 1623, Portsmouth is celebrating its 400th anniversary this year. Portsmouth was originally a working seaport where merchant ships would travel up and down the Piscataqua River. As a kid, I spent summers going to movie nights and concerts in Prescott Park. They have live music, plays, and festivals. The kick-off festival this year is a chowder tasting. There are also multiple showings of the musical Little Shop of Horrors, which is presented by Service Credit Union.


Prescott Park is always filled with exciting things, and we are so lucky to have this amazing spot so close to us. When I was younger, I used to beg my mom to stay up late to see plays and concerts. We’d lay blankets down, and talk to our neighborhood community and our family friends. As I’ve gotten older, I have come to realize how important and beneficial this was in my childhood. Not only was it something to look forward to every year, but it was a good opportunity to support the city I live in.

In order to keep exciting activities up and running, we need to be putting money into our city. One thing that can be easily done is buying a season pass to Prescott Park. It costs $120, and will give you access to all 80+ events. The more people that participate in activities and contribute to the park,  the more activities there will be.


Prescott Park only has one season of money-making, as opposed to other businesses that have the whole entire year to make a solid profit. Therefore, they need to make all of their money quicker. If we continue to spend money on this amazing program, it will keep providing amazing memories. 

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