PHS Boys Lacrosse Looks to Win States for the 3rd Time in 3 Years


Shea Harrison

The PHS Boys Lacrosse team walking out for a big game.

Shea Harrison, Paper Clip Staff/Writer

The Portsmouth High School boys lacrosse team won the state title in 2021 and in 2022. The team is sitting at a beautiful 12-1 record and has all the star power to win another. Key players like Zac Amend, Nick Smith, Reilly Collins and more believe they have what it takes. 


Athletic Director Tom “Koz” Kozikowski has been the Athletic director of Portsmouth only for three few years but has already made a huge impact. He was voted D1 Athletic director of the year in 2022. Koz has been a huge supporter of the boys lacrosse team and he has openly voiced his support as well. 


I love the passion and enthusiasm that the boys lacrosse team displays on the field. It’s very obvious that they love the sport of lacrosse,” Koz said. When asked about what it means to win three straight he said, “One title is great from any team, but having the opportunity to win a third consecutive one is very special.” 


If you pass Zac Amend, a junior here at PHS, in the hallway you will not question at all what sport he plays. From Hoodies to T-Shirts and even to sweatpants Amend displays ‘Portsmouth Lacrosse’ at all times. Amend who has already committed to continue his Lacrosse journey at Bryant University is the first person to discuss not only his team’s successes but their failures as well. 


“We had a bump in the road actually last week and the team morale was down. We knew what we had to do. We brought the energy back up and now we are rollin’ into the playoffs,” said Amend. Amend also highlighted sophomore phenom Reilly “Rollins” Collins, and said, “Rollins brings a ton of energy to the team, scores a lot of goals and we love the kid.”


Collins grew up in Portsmouth and has always loved the sport of lacrosse. When he came to high school he had hoped to make varsity as a freshman but was unfortunately put on JV. He put in the work and it paid off. Rollins was able to put in three goals in the boys recent win over Merrimack Valley. 


“I love the sport man, love the kids, love the coaches; it’s fun, what can I say,” explained Collins. Collins loves his teammates and feels that creating a bond on and off the field is crucial for the team’s success. “Look at me and Nick Smith, We barely knew each other’s names and now we try to golf every weekend. This bond has led to a better connection on the field and the team simply benefits from it,” said Collins.


Nick Smith, another junior, is another key player to this Clippers boys lacrosse team. He is not officially a captain but when you see the kid at practice or game you would think he is. “I just want to win and I will do anything to make that happen,” Smith said when asked why he tries to do it all. 


Smith has made a name for himself as one of the most elite faceoff guys in the state. “I just do what I can and if I get to be recognized as elite then I’m thankful for that,” said Smith. Smith believes that the team has what it takes to win another championship. 


As the team wraps up the regular season and starts to see the light at the end of the tunnel the boys’ spirits are beginning to rise. The energy in that locker room is more noticeable week in week out. 


PHS boys lacrosse team plays in the quarter final game this Saturday, June 3 at Portsmouth High School at 5 p.m. The semi-final game is scheduled for June 7 at Stellos Stadium in Nashua for 7:15 p.m. The championship game is scheduled for June 11 at Exeter High School at 7:30 p.m.


The only thing that can tell us what’s going to happen is time. “The bottom line is that this team, when running on all cylinders, is really fun to watch and I’m looking forward to them going far in this year’s upcoming Division II playoffs,” said Koz. Good luck to these boys and let’s win the third championship in a row. #roll clips