How does PHS prepare students for college and future plans ?

Martha Hyland, Paper Clip Staff/Writer

Portsmouth High School strives to prepare their students for whatever their future may hold for them. Rigorous class level options, internships, college/career fairs, and helping create the students own pathway are all just a few things that PHS provides for their students. With a strong support system, guidance counselors, dedicated teachers, and various programs, PHS strives to equip its students with the necessary skills and resources to succeed beyond high school.

Mrs. Bellabona, the career counselor here at PHS, believes that “PHS is really lucky because we have both a college counselor and a career counselor and all of the school grade level counselors who are all supporting students.” Bellabona made it clear that college is not the only option after high school and finding your potential career interest in high school is important because teachers can help lead you in the right direction. 

In addition to what Bellabona said, Mrs. Relinski, a guidance counselor at PHS states, “PHS makes sure to help challenge their students as they choose their classes in order to create that well balanced transcript.” 

As freshmen, students are introduced to a computer program called Naviance. Naviance provides personalized surveys such as career interest surveys, so students can get a feel for what they are or are not interested in. This program aims to assist in selecting courses that align with their specific interests, ultimately leading to a well-rounded academic transcript.

 Recently, PHS has provided both a college and career fair for students to attend. The college fair consisted of many colleges and universities within and out of New England. A representative from each school shared information about their school and answered any questions from students. The career fair welcomed a large number of companies and organizations that students could give their information to for a potential job opportunity. There was a wide variety of different job positions that gave the students opportunities to explore their interests. 

Maya Glos, a PHS social studies teacher, believes that many life skills happen in the classroom, too. “It is most important for students to have life skills to succeed like how to research, analyze different things, how to put it all together and formulate your own ideas,” Glos said.

Every year, graduates of PHS choose to further their education in college, along with many others that go straight into the working field, or enroll in the military. 

“With all the support and opportunities that PHS provides, students find themselves to become very successful and prepared for leaving high school,” Margaux Freer, a PHS junior, said.