PHS Golf Is Tee’d Up For A Big 2023 Season, But Can They Perform Up To Par?

Finn Melchior, Paper Clip Staff/Writer

The Portsmouth High School Golf Team is poised for a big season this fall after keeping seven varsity players from 2022. They are looking to improve from their 8th-place finish in the state tournament last year, but what are the team members’ thoughts with 3 months until they tee off in the fall?


PHS Golf competes at the Division 2 level and earned the #4 seed in the 2022 State Championship tournament. The team had a rough showing, finishing in 8th place. The squad was led by junior Eli Poteet, who shot an 80, but many others struggled. This was disappointing for Coach Kyle Harrison, whose goal is to perform up to their seed, meaning a finish that matches or exceeds the team’s seed going into the event. 


Harrison has a decade of coaching under his belt for PHS golf. Harrison became the leader of the team in 2008, but took a 5-year break, and has been the head coach of the varsity team ever since. When asked how he prepares his team before the season, he said his job is to let the players know what they should be doing over the summer in order to hit the ground running in the fall. He emphasizes playing in club or state tournaments during the offseason. “The more experience you have, the better off you’re going to be,” says Harrison.


With an experienced varsity group entering the 2023 season, Coach Harrison highlighted two main aspirations for the season. They are to improve on last year’s 4th seed and perform up to whatever seed they earn. 


When asked for his confidence level on a scale from 1-10, he replied, “I would say, based on last year, we’re definitely at an 8 or 9 for reaching our goals.” Harrison also mentioned four seniors who he believes will have the biggest impact this fall: Jake Carlisle, Eli Poteet, Shea Harrison, and Briggs Williams.


Coach Harrison isn’t the only one excited about this year’s possibilities. “I think we can definitely do some damage,” Jake Carlisle stated, who is entering his 4th season on varsity. 


Everyone is taking their preparation very seriously, including Joe Viens. “I’ve been going out four or five times a week,” says Viens, “and I try to go out with experienced players to push myself.” 


It is not just results the players are focused on. Varsity member Cal Rothstein also wants to “maintain good chemistry and energy” throughout the team this season.


The 2023 golf season is a great opportunity for PHS golf with so much talent returning. The vibes are high throughout the program and the players have already begun preparation. Will the squad find the results they’re looking for? Only time will tell…