Should student-led clubs be a thing?

Chris DeMarco, PaperClip Writer/Staff

Since the day PHS opened its doors they have had clubs. As of now, many clubs have teachers that run them the same way for the last 20+ years.  It’s a requirement that all clubs have a teacher or staff member present.


I recognize the legality and liability reasons that come with running a club, and it’s perfectly reasonable to have a teacher there but if students don’t have a chance to prosper and run a club their way it is certainly possible students will lose interest.


Some examples of clubs run by teachers are the Italian club, the Business club, and Ultimate Frisbee club. These clubs, of course, are great clubs and are run by teachers that give their students a chance to fit in. However, there are some clubs that are run how teachers see fit, and without letting the students have a chance to lead.


As much as this is a minor problem in PHS, it’s also a growing concern. It would be a great thing if the teachers can hear students’ opinions like this, and give them some better options rather than just dismissing them and not letting them have the chance to interact and connect with other students.


According to Michael Weltman from MoveThisWorld, “students who are supported to use their voice in the classroom are proactive learners, and are more collaborative with peers.”