A Farewell to the Class of 2023


Photo by: Geskus Studios & Yearbook Publishing

Sofia Zingariello, PaperClip Writer/Staff

Portsmouth High School Seniors graduate Friday, June 9, 2023.  In one week, the class of 2023 will officially become alumni of Portsmouth High School and active, civic members of society.  


Attending high school during a global pandemic presented challenges to every person in different ways.  Freshman year at PHS got cut short due to Covid-19 and our introduction to high school was different than anyone else’s.  Two weeks of quarantine became two months, and then eventually two years of masks and restrictions.  


Covid-19 did not only restrict our tangible boundaries, but restricted people from reaching their full potential.  Melanie Wolf, a PHS guidance counselor and the senior class advisor, has guided the class of 2023 through the pandemic, and finally up until graduation. “Students are way more resilient than we give them credit for,” said Wolf.


“High school can be really hard…especially for seniors here there is so much more after this, take every opportunity that is given to you,” said Wolf.  


To bring a positive light into this emotional time for seniors, here is the class of 2023 reflecting on their favorite memories or what they will miss most about PHS:


“I am going to miss all of the opportunities PHS offered: Great East, Paris, MTCA, to name a few, and all of the near and dear friends I have made along the way,” said Nick Tavares.


“I will miss seeing everyone that I have built relationships with and gotten close with all this time, ” said Duncan Cullinane.


“Some of my favorite moments at PHS consist of Friday nights in the fall and watching the volleyball and football games,” said Sophie Rand.


“I will miss seeing my favorite teachers…like Mrs. Haus!” said Annabella Haskell.


“I loved going to all of the sports games and seeing everyone come together,” said Georgia Hodgson. 


“My favorite memory was getting the opportunity to get silver at the state competition,” said Colby Friesel.


“I will miss all of my amazing friends and all of the teachers I made connections with,” said Maddie Radcliffe.


“Homecoming 2021-22 was one of my favorite memories.  It was the first time the whole student body was all together after being quarantined and it was genuinely fun,” said Grace Fabiano.


After we step off the stage at graduation, high school is officially over.  We will face failure and defeat, but we will also achieve success.  Wolf wants to leave the graduates with these final words, “Appreciate the challenges that come upon you in life and learn from them.”   


Best wishes to the class of 2023.