What to Expect with Junior Prom

What to Expect with Junior Prom

Nicola Berlucchi

Junior prom is a magical night that most high school students dream of. All year, students of the Portsmouth High School class of 2024 have been seeking all of the information for prom so they know how their night is going to go and if it meets their expectations.

 As Mr. Jablonski, a PHS Chemistry teacher and one of the class advisors of the class of 2024 student council, says, “we want to make sure everyone gets the prom they deserve.”

Junior Prom is May 6th, 2023 at 7:00 pm and will end at 10:00 pm. Students are not required to stay the whole time and are allowed to leave early but once they leave, they will not be allowed back in. The dress code is also formal attire. 

The prom will be taking place at the Venue at Portwalk Place in the downtown Portsmouth area. It is taking place in their ballroom that has many tables for students to sit in that is surrounded by a big dance floor. 

“We hope everyone is impressed with the venue as we are,” says Kaitlyn Pataki, one of the student council class presidents and a junior at PHS.

As far as decorations go, the 2024 student council decided on a black, gold, and white color scheme. There is a parent organization that is helping decorate and if you are a parent and would like to volunteer to help please contact Mr. Jablonski at [email protected]

One big tradition that Portsmouth High School does is the “Grand March” starting at 5:00 pm, first walk at 5:30, and students have the choice to walk down a red carpet in the school gymnasium. Music will be playing, announcers will be announcing everyone’s name as they walk, and there will be a photographer taking pictures of everyone.  Students can walk by themselves, with a date, a friend, or a small group of friends and everyone is welcome to go and watch this event take place free of charge. 

For food, a buffet will be provided for all of the guests of prom and there’s no limit to how much you can eat. The menu is listed below.

PHS used to have a rule on everyone having to take a school given bus to prom due to many safety concerns that come with students driving themselves. But due to covid, this rule has gone away. There is a trolley that is provided for students to take them to prom from the school and back and is free of charge. Students are also allowed to drive themselves to the Venue but they are in charge of finding their own parking. Limos and being dropped off at the Venue are also allowed. 

Prom tickets are going to be on sale starting April 3rd to the 14th in the old foyer during lunch. Tickets are $85 each and if a student wishes to bring a guest they must get a permission slip signed which will also be available at the ticket booth. 

The whole student council class of 2024 is hoping to put on the best prom they can for their class and hope they are as excited to go as they were to plan it all!


Garden Salad with Italian and Balsamic Dressing

Caesar Salad

Chicken Tenders (ketchup, honey mustard dipping sauces)

Chef’s Choice Pasta

Grilled Chicken Strips


Roasted Vegetables (for pasta)

Marinara Sauce

Alfredo Sauce

Garlic Breadsticks

Assorted Cookies/Brownies