Get the most out of your Earth Day

Get the most out of your Earth Day

Miah Bernier, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Earth Day is a celebration to demonstrate support for environmental protection of our planet. This year Earth Day falls on April 22. Worldwide people plant trees, go on hikes, clean up beaches and so much more. To support your Earth and your community here are the top things to do on/near Earth Day:

Cut down on your production of fossil fuels:

Are you going into town to grab lunch or are traveling a short distance? Ride a bike or walk instead! The fewer cars on the road, the less carbon emissions polluting the air. 

Plant something:

Trees clean the air and produce more oxygen as well as many other benefits. 

Trees aren’t the only thing you can plant, you could grow your own fruits or vegetables just in time for summer! Fruits and vegetables in your own garden are far more healthy than ones that are from the store. By doing this you reduce the carbon emissions by saving the trip to the store. 

Learn/Inform others: 

Do you know the history of Earth Day or why we celebrate it? The first Earth Day dates back to almost 1970.


How much plastic do you use a day? How much water? How much electricity?

When you’re shopping, look at the things you’re buying, are they in a plastic container? Is there a similar item not in plastic? Do you leave the water running when you aren’t using it – consider that to some people clean water is a luxury. 


Plastic bags, they aren’t even cute. Why not get bags that match your style to bring with you when going shopping. You’ll be saving the planet as well!

Do you buy a plastic water bottle everytime you go out, or do you have cases of plastic water bottles that you use everyday? Reusable water bottles come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Not only will you once again get to pick one that matches you but you’ll be making a change in the world. 


Getting rid of clothing, toys, books, etc.? Don’t just throw it away, but rather donate to local thrift stores, neighbors who might find a use for the item, or homeless shelters. 

Before throwing something away, think if you can use it again or if you can repurpose the item. 

Beach clean up- 

Grab a trash bag and gloves and head to the nearest beach near you and pick up anything that’s not from nature and dispose of it properly (does not have to be a beach can be a park, or playground, anywhere there could be litter) and pick up anything that’s not from nature and dispose of it properly 

Go outside –

The easiest one, just step outside and take a break from technology and social media. 

Breathe the fresh air in and acknowledge and appreciate the beautiful Earth you live on. 

Happy Earth Day!