Pickleball Club Comes to Portsmouth High School

Lucy LeBlond, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Portsmouth High School is both well known and cherished for its athletic dominance from winning state championships in activities ranging from skiing to track and field to lacrosse. However, a new club sport non-affiliated with the NHIAA is joining the extensive list of opportunities for students to participate in: pickleball.

The fast paced racket sport combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong which makes for a guaranteed fun experience. The founders of the club have also created a Google Form welcoming suggestions for songs that members wish to listen to during their sessions which are on the courts located at the New England Pickleball Club on Sundays.

Reegan Conlin, a PHS senior, shared that her favorite part about being part of the growing PHS pickleball institution is not just the games, but also getting to see her friends.

Judy Butler, a supervisor and an English teacher at PHS, stated “it’s fun. It’s accessible to even traditionally non-athletic types and it’s great exercise.”

All students and staff alike are welcome to attend regardless of their previous experience. Most of the participants are either juniors or seniors, however, there is some hope for a more grade diversity showing at the upcoming meets. As spring rolls around and weather gets warmer, the group plans to move outside and start taking advantage of the outdoor spaces.

Those who are interested in joining and encouraged to reach out and get involved!