Spring Into Eco Club

Eco Club Presidents Give an Inside Look at Spring Opportunities for the Club


Grace Fabiano, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Spring is officially in the air! As quarter four begins, the Portsmouth High School Environmental Change Organization (ECO Club) has begun planning for spring events. From Earth Day events to spring markets, ECO Club has many ambitious projects. 

Similarly to last year, there are various activities and informational events occurring leading up to Earth Day. According to Alice Weir, an ECO Club President, “For Earth Day, ECO is partnering with Seacoast Students For Sustainability (SS4S) for action.” 

Darla Mahoney, an ECO Club President, shared that SS4S is a non profit organization that is partnered with various Seacoast schools. Last year, they held a rally for Earth Day located Downtown Portsmouth, NH where almost 200 people attended. 

Some opportunities for this year’s Earth Day include adult and child clean ups around the community along with an event at the Connie Bean Friday, April 21, 2023 from 4-7 p.m. 

“We want to educate,” stated Mahoney. ECO Club hopes that through partnerships with all generations, they will be able to more effectively share their knowledge and their cause. 

In addition to the Earth Day celebrations, ECO Club is once again hosting a Seacoast Spring Market. On May 13, 2023 from 10-2 p.m. community members can expect over 30 vendors selling their products in the PHS parking lot. Mahoney described the event as “farmer’s market style” and announced the presence of local business, various craft sales, clothing vendors, and much more. 

In regards to the increase in vendors compared to previous year, Weir states, “there will be over 30 vendors, this is very exciting for the club.” 

“We did it last year and it was a huge success, we think it is going to be even better this year,” said Mahoney addressing the outlook for the Spring Market. 

For more information about the Spring Market, look to the ECO Club Instagram page, @phs.eco. 

Going into the last quarter of the school year, ECO Club has many goals. Weir shared, “we have a lot of projects. Within the club there are various subcommittees such as advertising, fundraising, outreach, and climate action.” 

The outreach program overseen by Gabe Weinrieb, ECO Club board member, plans on completing projects for sea levels rising. In addition, the climate action committee is working on combating HFC, a harmful refrigerant. 

Another specific goal that both Mahoney and Weir expressed was their intentions to work towards a “farm to table” aspect of the school. According to Mahoney, Portsmouth used to grow all of the produce used in the cafeteria. Weir is hopeful to bring back the salad bar and give the student’s of Portsmouth High School more healthy and sustainable lunch options. 

Mahoney noted, all students, regardless of grade and experience, are encouraged to join ECO Club. Anyone who is interested can attend the weekly meetings Wednesdays in Room 319 at lunch.