Way Too Early NFL Predictions: NFC West

Carter Gauthier

NFC West

The Seahawks blew it up this offseason by trading franchise cornerstone Russell Wilson to the Broncos. In return, they got their new starter and unproven young quarterback Drew Lock. This team could really be bad this year as DK Metcalf, their star receiver might also get traded. There are few bright spots in Seattle, but the dynasty was a good one.

The 49ers are a team that overachieved last year as they made the NFC Championship game. Jimmy G partially held this team back but the year 2nd-year man Trey Lance could get his shot as the number 1. Deboo Samuel is going to be the man to stop on offense as he practically carried this team to the championship game last year. 

The Cardinals are such a lackluster team. Deandre Hopkins got suspended for 2 games for the use of PEDs and they lost Christian Kirk in free agency. Kyler Murry is going to have to put this team on his back for the majority of the season if they want to make a playoff push. Budda Baker in the secondary is a player who can prove himself as a top 3 safety in the NFL.

The Rams. They are on top of the world after winning the Superbowl last year and are in a prime position to win it again. With the loss of Von Miller, they got Bobby Wagner. Aaron Donald is back after resigning with the team and he is the biggest game-changer in the NFL. Expect this team to be a real Superbowl contender.