Way Too Early NFL Predictions: AFC South

Carter Gauthier

AFC South

The Indianapolis Colts had a terrible dropoff at the end of last season, which prompted them to trade Carson Wentz away. For their new quarterback, they acquired Matt Ryan from the Falcons. This can prove to be one of the most underrated moves of the offseason, or could end up being a bust of a trade. Colts winning the division isn’t far-fetched considering it’s possible Ryan can rejoice in some of his winning capabilities. Darius Leonard can prove himself as a real game-changer on the field if he produces with that stellar Indianapolis defense. The last time Ryan had a super lockdown defense was in 2016, they ended up blowing the infamous 28-3. Jonathan Taylor is a real OPOTY threat as he has logged back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons in his two years in the league. 

The Titans are a team this year that can go in two different directions. The first is they continue their King Henry dynasty, or finally have a slump year. Tannehill’s production can possibly decrease significantly and force the Titans next season to make a choice either this year or next year about their quarterback. They picked up Malik Willis in the draft who showed great talent at Liberty and the combine. The loss of AJ Brown will really hurt this team. He was their go-to wide receiver and the offense will not be as good in the passing game as the running game With King Henry’s injuries, I really could see it getting to them. 

Texans are a team whose intentions really aren’t known. They resign Brandin Cooks, an aging veteran, and have a lackluster roster. They don’t have many bright spots, but if Davis Mills produces, he can be their franchise starter. A player that could break out is TE Brevin Jordan. Jordan could be one of the few bright spots on that team. Drafting Stingley will definitely increase the secondary core. He has great potential coming out of LSU.

Jaguars finally got rid of Urban. So what do they do? Pay an enormous amount of money to a top 30 wide receiver. This has to be one of the worst contracts in NFL history as Christan Kirk ranks among the top of the league in income. Considering he hasn’t even made a pro bowl, it’s way too early to pay this man this much money. With their first pick, they went with Travon Walker who could be really good and produce immediately. Like the Jets, the Jags need to prioritize the development of Trevor Lawrence. However, no chemistry whatsoever could really make for a long season in Duvall.