Way Too Early NFL Predictions: AFC East

Carter Gauthier

AFC East

The Bills are looked at as heavy Superbowl favorites, and it makes sense. Josh Allen can have the best season a Bills player has ever had. Another take is that Gaberial Davis will have a breakout season. The only players that need to really step up their game to make that Superbowl push, are runningbacks, Devin Singletary and Zack Moss.

The Dolphins after trading for Tyreek Hill can be looked at as a powerhouse on offense. This season rides on the back of Tua. However far he goes, the team goes. A new fresh face is in Miami, and it’s the former 49er coach, Mike Mcdaniel. He definitely could cook up a great offensive gameplan, but without Flores, that defense might be shaky. Could see them sneak into the playoffs. 

The Patriots. They did little to nothing this offseason. Mac Jones has limited weapons compared to everyone else in the AFC. The Pats chose not to get any big name this offseason, and that might have not been a great choice. They didn’t really draft great, and their free-agent signings were all pretty underwhelming. New England should be bracing for a huge down year. 

The Jets are on the verge. On the verge of ending the rebuild after drafting great this year. The most important thing the Jets do this year is to develop Zach Wilson and solidify him as the starter of the future. Wilson showed flashes in his rookie season, but so didn’t Sam Darnold. Darnold ended up not producing in New York and is now a backup in Carolina. This season is huge for the Jets, is Wilson legit, and can coach Salah prove his worth? In the draft, they picked up Cincinnati alumni Ahmed Sauce Gardner. He could be one of the most impactful rookie defensive backs we’ve seen in some time.