Way Too Early NFL Predictions: AFC North

Carter Gauthier

AFC North

The Browns acquiring Watson could prove to be a monumental move, but Clevland still has extreme chemistry issues. They picked up two key wide receivers in Amari Cooper, and David Bell. Them also resigning Clowney helps that D Line significantly. It’s possible they could sneak into the playoffs if Watson has a great season, but Stafanskis coaching might be an issue. Time will tell about the trade for Deshaun Watson. 

The Ravens are a team that could make a deep playoff push. They had an amazing draft, Hamilton and Ojabo are two very high-ceiling players. Also getting Linderbaum is an absolute fleece. Linderbaum is regarded as one of the best offensive linemen to come out of the draft in quite some time. Losing Marquise Brown will definitely hurt Lamar, but he is capable of having a 4,000 1,000 season. (4,000 passing yards, 1,000 rushing yards)

The Steelers are a team that can do terribly, but they will definitely fall off considering they made the playoffs last season. Their division is just too loaded with talent for them to compete this year. Drafting Pickett is a good pick, but having Mitch Tribusky giving him advice and putting him under his wing wont be as productive as having a veteran.

The Bengals. Fresh off a Superbowl run, can end up being as good as they were, but also could see a huge dropoff. They addressed the main reason why they lost the Superbowl, the offensive line. They went out in free agency and got 3 proven big guys, If they prove themselves and don’t have many hiccup games this season, they can go pretty far. It doesn’t help that they are playing the 1 seeds from each division. Everyone on their roster having a down year seems inevitable, except Joe Mixon.