PHS Art At It’s Finest: A Spotlight on Mars Cherry


Mars Cherry

The Bee Painting

Rosayla Gonzalez, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Portsmouth High School senior, Mars Cherry, is an inspiring artist who does all forms of art. Pottery, photography, drawing, and painting are things you can catch them doing throughout the day.

Cherry is currently in Handbuilding Ceramics 1 –  a pottery class where you can watch them working on making all types of pottery. 

Even though Cherry is in a pottery class, photography is their favorite form of art. It’s a fun thing to do, and there’s so much you can take pictures of and edit to make them look even better. 

You can see some of Cherry’s artwork hung up on the school walls or posted on their Instagram page specifically made for their art ( If you look on the whiteboards, specifically in Mr. Goldenberg’s room, you might find some of their artwork there as well!

Cherry says their favorite piece of art they have created so far is a Bee they painted with oil pastels. Cherry was asked how an artist like them figures out what to create: “Anything that interests me or like anything that kind of conveys emotions. Like what seems emotionally right, I don’t really plan.”      

One of Cherry’s most inspiring artists is their friend, the one and only Ally Casa. Casa is known around the school for their artwork being presented on the front of this year’s Senior T-Shirts. Cherry commented on this saying,“She’s just a really amazing artist in my opinion, and she makes me just want to develop my art style even more.” 

With that being said, Cherry looks up to Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”. They think it looks really good and simple yet complex.     

Cherry is looking forward to taking art classes in college to see what it’s like. They are looking forward to drawing and painting more in the near future to keep their art going, with no plans momentarily on selling one of their pieces.

Now that we are all inspired by Cherry and the art they have created, when asked what they recommend for anyone at Portsmouth High School, Cherry recommends you take either a Fundamental of Arts course or an Introduction to Mixed Media course. Both are a great way to start to understand yourself as an artist.