@Heppfitness: Portsmouth High School Senior Hopes to Make a Name for Himself in the Bodybuilding World


Taylor Hodgdon, Paperclip Staff/Writer

Connor Hepponstall created the Instagram account ¨Heppfitness¨ this past February, and the account has grown to over 1,400 followers. 

Hepponstall, a former player on the varsity basketball team said ¨I kinda lost passion over Covid, and I realized I wanted to put some mass on and gain some muscle. Running up and down the court, hundreds of times, was not gonna do that for me.¨

He has been working out consistently for two years now, and he has studied bodybuilding and the body to reach his goals.

He made Heppfitness as a social media account for a purpose: ¨I see the potential of making it big on social media platforms nowadays, it is kind of a job for hundred thousands of people. I thought why not make the choice and if it fails it fails.¨

Through Heppfitness, he has met other aspiring weightlifters and created friendships with them as well. 

On Heppfitness, you can find exercise guides, his fitness progress, meal recipes, and motivational videos. 

¨I think this summer I’m gonna step up the game, work with a camera and get more professional stuff done and I think it can take off,¨ Hepponstall stated when asked about the future of his Instagram account. 

Becoming a bodybuilder is no small task. His bulking diet consists of 5200 calories a day: 600-700 grams of carbs, 200 grams of fat, and 300 grams of protein. 

Only the future knows what’s next for Heppfitness, but we may have the next Mr. Olympia on our hands!