PHS Reacts to Major Award Ceremony Scandal 

PHS Reacts to Major Award Ceremony Scandal 

Mia Cheney, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Comedian Chris Rock made a questionable joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinket Smith, at the Oscars on March 27.

After Rock made the joke, Will Smith ran on stage and slapped him. Smith then stormed back to his seat screaming expletives back at the stage. 

The reaction from Will Smith was an unscripted shocking moment. The incident was broadcasted globally, as well as on national television, causing lots of backlash for Will Smith. 

Following the incident all six of Chris Rocks’ shows in Boston, MA were sold out. When Rock got on stage for the first show on March 30, he stated, “I’m still processing what happened.” He did not comment further on the incident. 

After the incident it was rumored that Will Smith’s Oscar for best actor and best picture could be revoked. The Academy later stated his Oscar would not be revoked, but he could be suspended for future events.  

Students and staff members spoke out about this controversy as the topic created quite the buzz at PHS. Most students agreed that they didn’t believe the joke was offensive enough to receive a physical response.

Freshman Nick Caruso stated, “I don’t really think it was, he is a comedian, I don’t think he meant it to be offensive.”

Senior student Julia Roelofs said, “The joke was only offensive to Jada, but she is very open about her alopecia.” 

Other students felt the joke was offensive, but Will Smith’s reaction was inappropriate. Junior student Marina Shone stated, “I think he could have handled it privately.”

As far as whether Will Smith’s Oscar should be revoked, freshman Caruso said “His performance in acting is still top-notch, but I think an apology is deserved.”

English teacher Mrs.LaVallee weighed in: “It’s not up to me to judge, I’m not living with alopecia. It is how the alopecia community feels about it.” 

With the commentary here from some of the PHS community, it is clear that people have mixed reactions to the situation.

The long-term effects of this conflict are unknown at this time, but it certainly caused quite a scene at the Oscars.