Next Level Competition Cooking: A Review of Season 1

Marcus Briggs, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Gordon Ramsay is the host and executive producer of Next Level Chef along with judges Chefs Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais.

Next Level Chef is a competition-based show with three teams and five chefs on each team. All types of backgrounds and ranges can be on the show, including home cooks, social media chefs, and professional chefs. The chefs all have to prepare a dish in one of the “Leveled” Kitchens.

Next Level Chef Aired January 2, 2022. Next Level Chef can be seen on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. 


How the Show Works

The top-level kitchen is a modern kitchen with the best gadgets and tools to date. The second floor is a commercial-grade kitchen. The bottom kitchen (basement) is the bottom of the barrel with dull knives, old refrigerators, and some of the lowest-grade gadgets. 

On each level, there is one chef judge that supervises the group. The platform stops at each level for  30 seconds and then moves to the next level. Everything on the platform is up for grabs. There is usually a surprise ingredient that needs to be incorporated into the dish made by each chef.

As each level goes down more and more items are taken off the platform until it hits the basements where whatever is left has to be used. Whoever wins the competition gets $250,000 and a one-year mentorship from Ramsay, Blais, and Arrington.

PHS Culinary Weighs In

Chef Elizabeth Brown, the culinary teacher at PHS, was interviewed about her opinion on the show from her first impression. She believes that the show is exciting, but she wouldn’t go on it due to her not liking cameras. Chef Brown says that the show would be a good opportunity and learning experience for students at PHS.

A student in the culinary program at PHS, junior Damian Royal, was also interviewed about this opinion on the show. Royal believes the show is mediocre but would take the opportunity if he had the chance. Royal also enjoyed the trailer of the show on his first look.

Athena Ellison, a senior PHS culinary student was interviewed. Ellison was really interested and liked the trailer. Ellison also found the concept and leveling in the show very unique. Athena says” I wouldn’t be on the show because of my nerves and lack of experience”.


  • IMDb Reveals Next Level Chef has a 6.5/10 Review. 84% of Google users also liked the show.
  • Next Level Chef is renewing for a second season but there is no clear date on when it will be released.
  • Pyet Stefanie Despain was the winner of season 1 Next level Chef.