Seniors Share Favorite Memories


Madelyn Ricard, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Being a high school student during a global pandemic has had its challenges. The 20-21 school year started at the end of August, with only one day a week in-person. It was the first time students were back in the building after the abrupt end of the previous school year. Students A-L went to school on Mondays, and students L-Z went to school on Tuesdays. The three remaining weekdays were filled with zoom classes.

By the late fall, the school switched to fully remote/ online classes.  

Most recently, a week into the 4th quarter, the schedule switched again. This change resulted in a new schedule that closely resembled the previous regular Portsmouth High School schedule.

Throughout the entire year many athletes’ sports seasons were heavily altered or lost altogether. Seniors missed out on the traditional spirit week assembly and other traditional senior year experiences. 

This year has affected all high school students, but seniors will be leaving with their last year full of memories tainted by the pandemic.

To bring positive light on the last four years before graduation, some soon-to-be graduating seniors shared some of their favorite memories. 

What was your favorite moment from high school?

“Battle of the classes because it unified different grades and brought everyone together just to have raw fun.” -Jane Tucker

“Christmas in Deb’s room. There would be so many people, we would decorate the room and play music during lunch. We would also launch ribbon spools down the hall.” -Trevor Chapman

“How it felt to be in the photography dark room with my friends during TASC and lunch. Something about it always felt magical.” -Zoe Getman

“Going to hockey practice and then eating fried chicken from Dustons after, truly an underrated establishment!” -Matt Slover

“Sophomore lacrosse season because I made a whole team of new friends while playing a new sport and we were never not laughing.” -Olivia Dube

“I enjoyed meeting my friends for TASC in Ms. Matte’s room junior year. We always had good laughs and she often gave us great life advice.” -Rory Ledoux

“Being a part of teams and getting to know so many different people through sports.” -Myles Sargent

“Figuring out where everyone is going to school next year and getting to be excited for all of us and the great things in our future.” -Juliette Michaels

“All the memories of kids just messing around in class.” -Emmy Vandorn