Bliss n’ Bling


from Claires website, bliss n bling

Riley Buckley, Paperclip Staff/Writer

Inside the maroon walls of Portsmouth High School are brilliant minds with passions and ideas that will change the world. One of those students is Claire Ellicott, who has her own jewelry business called “Bliss n Bling”. Ellicott sells jewelry that she hand makes off of her Instagram and Etsy page she has made for her business. 

I spoke to Ellicott and asked her a few questions about her company. When asked about how she got her idea to make jewelry, Ellicott said “My mom found her old beads from when she used to make jewelry, so I started making some pieces just for myself. Eventually I got a lot of compliments on my pieces and decided to start a social media account to market and sell my products leading to an Etsy Shop.”

Ellicott sells gold, silver, and beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Ellicott adverstises “through friends and family posting shoutouts and creating platforms on Tik Tok and Instagram.” 

According to Ellicott she does not yet have a long term goal, wondering if she should continue on her path of jewelry making or focusing on college since this is her senior year. “I’m kind of seeing where it all takes me as I go along.” Ellicott definitely has short term goals, she wants to reach 1000 followers on her Instagram and have 100 sales by 2022. 

What makes Ellicott unique is how she advertises her jewelry. “I incorporate graphic design into my business that I also do myself”, Ellicott replied after asking what makes her company so unique.

Ellicott’s favorite part of the whole process you might ask?  “Honestly, just seeing other people wearing it gives me the best feeling. It makes me happy seeing others like and wear something that I put my time and thought into creating”

You can check out the jewelry on Instagram @BlissnBling and there is also a link in her bio on Instagram!