Where Are PHS Students Now?

Where Are PHS Students Now?

Claire Ellicott, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Lily Kompasov, a student previously enrolled at PHS, now attends college at Emanuel in Boston  and is running her own business. Kompasov has always had a passion for fashion since she can remember, but didn’t know where to start. This past year, she created her own clothing line “made by lily k.” It includes four different styles of tops offered in different colors and fabrics.  

During lockdown, Kompasov was stuck at home deciding what she should do with all of this free time. She saw this as an opportunity to finally start her dreams. She picked up sewing and gathered fabric from thrift shops and started creating. 

She loved sewing and her friends loved her pieces. “It came easy to me and people liked my designs!” She had the idea to start a social media platform for her items to maybe get some potential customers. This immediately took off and orders came flying in. 

Contrary to many other clothing brands, Kompasov uses recycled fabric that she purchases from local thrift shops. This may seem strange to others because we’re so used to fast fashion. However, Kompasov acknowledges the negative effects of fast fashion and is creating a change: “I pride myself with the fact that my brand is slow fashion.” 

Kompasov graduated high school in 2019 and only two years later she has her own brand. She does the marketing, creating, shipping, accounting, and managing all by herself. Her biggest accomplishment is just seeing girls in sustainable clothing and knowing it comes from an ethical shop.