Students Take on Remote Learning


Cameron Chasse, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Portsmouth High School has been in remote learning in some shape or form. The district is trying to get students back into the school for more in person instruction, but some people are not comfortable with this, so they are opting to stay on remote learning.  It is a difficult decision to do what is best for both education and keeping students healthy.

In an interview, Cal Gotlieb shared his thoughts about remote learning. 

“I’d say it’s definitely worse than in person learning because we can’t be hands on in the classroom and teachers have a harder time trying to teach through a computer, but Portsmouth did fine with going into remote learning, so it wasn’t that bad.” 

It is difficult to make both teachers and students happy because Covid-19 is constantly  changing, so the school has to adapt according to Covid-19. Teachers and administrators are trying their best to make things easy for everyone. 

Remote learning has not been easy for anyone, so students and teachers must continue to be flexible until the pandemic ends.