The End of Snow Days?


Antonio Sterling, PaperClip Staff/Writer

With the recent events of the Covid-19 pandemic, Portsmouth High School has finally “settled” into an in-person and remote-learning system. October’s light dusting of snow may make parents and students wonder what the school’s plans are in case of inclement weather.

In an interview, Principal Mary Lyons gave a lot of information that would be beneficial for families to hear.

“I honestly do not think we’ll ever have to have a snow day again because we are all set up for remote instruction. If it is too snowy to come into school, we’ll call it a remote day and students can participate in their classes via zoom,” Lyons said.

Every day Monday through Friday is considered a school day whether students are participating in-person or remotely. Principal Lyons wants to further address that the day students are not here was never considered a day off from school. 

As we head in the winter months students will need to be flexible and prepare for the worst.