What to Expect for the 2020-2021 Ski Season


Caden Deans, PaperClip Staff/Writer

Ski resorts around the country are making changes in preparation for what will be an irregular 2020-2021 season. There are many things to consider when re-opening mountains this winter, such as social distancing, season passes, and lodging. 

This year many resorts have offered guaranteed refunds for their season pass holders if their customers decide they don’t want to use them because of COVID-19. Resort companies like Vail, the largest ski resort company in the nation, have offered skiers the option to convert their 20-21 season passes, that they likely bought after the end of the previous season, to 21-22 passes if they so choose.

In addition, this year, most resorts require you to make a reservation online instead of buying tickets at the window. When asked if it is still worth it to buy a 20-21 season pass, Attitash employee Ryan Aucella said, “With the epic pass, you get priority reservations and you can reserve 7 days in advance, honestly with or without COVID-19 I think it’s worth it.”

Everyone knows that skiing will be different this year, but avid skiers are staying optimistic. When asked about his expectations for this season, Aucella said “Because of good snow predictions, I still think it’ll be a good season, but no one really knows how the entire season will look, so time will tell.”

As far as social distancing goes, skiing is a very low risk activity because skiers already wear face coverings, and skiers are naturally socially distanced on the mountain. The lift lines will be properly spaced so every skier is at least six feet apart from the next, and gondolas will be closed.

As for the lodges, they will be closed for dining-in at most mountains, with to-go meals to be eaten at tables outside.

All in all, this ski season is expected to be a good way to escape from the madness that has been 2020, while of course staying safe and healthy.