Conflict in Iran

Logan Whittaker, PaperClip Staff/Writer

After days of tension following the killing of an Iranian top general, Iranian forces sent ballistic missiles to two Iraqi bases late Tuesday night, Jan. 7th. Both bases housed United States’ troops.

These attacks ensued days after an American airstrike killed Iranian General Qasem Soleimani early on Friday, January 3rd in Baghdad. Iran has since vowed revenge for the death of its general, but this is the first physical activity seen since.

After this blatant attack on America and its allies, many fear tensions will continue to escalate into war. 

Cynical jokes have sprouted among many students concerning the current events. Chiefly: “Who’s ready to get drafted?”

Hopefully, no one will have to be. 

Iran announced these might be the first and final acts of retaliation for the loss of their general. 

President Trump addressed the nation on Wednesday, Jan 8th, saying “Iran seems to be standing down,” and “the American people should be extremely grateful.” It appears that Trump will not seek physical retaliation, but rather fiscal. He goes on to say “The United States will immediately impose additional economic sanctions on the Iranian regime.”

It’s a relief to many that the escalation has stopped.

Trump has since defended the killing of Soleimani and other actions in the Middle East during his January 9th rally. Trump saying: “Last week the United States once again took the bold and decisive action to save American lives and deliver American justice.” 

For now, tensions seem to have halted. 

To get a feel for how the average student feels about these events, junior Zach Yeaton was interviewed about his thoughts on the matter. 


Q: Are you afraid we’ll go to war?

A: I don’t know about a war, but I feel like our present presence there (the Middle East) will only result in more problems.

Q: Do you think killing Soleimani was justified?

A: I’ve heard Trump saying he was a terrorist…but I don’t know if he really was. Still, it’s killing a foreign leader.

Q: Are you scared about the future of our country with Iran’s current capabilities? 

A: No. If they try anything, I feel like we’ll absolutely obliterate them.

Q: Has anyone asked you if you’re ready to get drafted?

A: Oh yeah. But there hasn’t been a draft since ‘Nam. I don’t think with our current military we’ll need one anyway.


The only thing we can do is wait to see how events unfold. For now, at least, it seems that things are looking up.