Student Spotlight: Kevin Cummings


Luke Bouchard and Matthew Slover

From playing on the Reserve team in 9th grade to starting on the Varisty team briefly in 10th grade, Kevin Cummings continues to work on every aspect of his game. “I worked hard with the coaches over the summer,” said Cummings when asked what he did to get where he is now as a player.

Cummings averaged 4.3 points per game last year, including a breakout performance, in which he scored 22 points and had 6 three-pointers vs Pinkerton. Cummings also averaged 2.3 rebounds and 1.4 assists during the 2018-19 season. Cummings reflected on last season: “It was a good learning experience.” Now that Cummings has learned from his sophomore season, he is ready to make a larger impact this season. 

So far in the 19-20 season, Cummings has had a dominant start to his junior year as through 4 games he is averaging an outstanding 16.5 points per game which is currently 7th in Division 1 for scoring. Hard work truly paid off during the offseason for Cummings, but that doesn’t mean he has been doing it alone: “All my teammates worked hard and pushed me to get better.” 

While Cummings has a lot of self-motivation, this is not the only thing pushing him. Cummings’s Grandfather recently passed away during the summer. This was one of Cummings’s best supporters throughout his basketball career. He rarely missed any of his grandson’s games. Cummings will be keeping his grandfather in his thoughts throughout his basketball career.

We are excited to see what Cummings has in store for us this 2019-20 basketball campaign. Cummings will continue to work and practice hard every day to accomplish his ultimate goal of winning a state championship at Lundholm Gymnasium in March.