NicaLove: An Inspiring Charity

¨I guess I feel that being so fortunate in life, it is my human duty to give back to those in need and teach my children the same,¨ Julie Burke, founder of NicaLove states.

Julie Burke, founder of NicaLove, works with animals in Nicaragua.

Gabriella Mastro, PaperClip Staff/Writer

NicaLove is a nonprofit organization based out of Playa San Diego, Nicaragua, with some fundraising in New Hampshire. Other locations NicaLove has helped are San Diego, Playa San Diego, Zapote, Jicaro, California, San Bartolo, Villa El Carmen, and Los Cedros. 

Their mission statement helps to clarify their goals: ¨NicaLove exists to support animal welfare organizations and community projects in underserved communities of Nicaragua. We partner with animal welfare organizations to rescue and rehabilitate animals. We offer Wellness Clinics to provide health care and sterilizations to working and domestic animals. We connect with individuals within the community to provide sustainable solutions for overlooked needs and care.¨

The charity was founded in 2013 when Burke traveled to Nicaragua and saw what life was really like down there. The majority of the area was poverty-ridden. The giving back started in 2014/2015 when Burke and her family began collecting sporting gear, school supplies, art supplies, and used backpacks to do projects for the community around one of her daughter ́s orphanages, Children of Destiny.

̈ ̈The projects grew as our hearts grew fonder of the community and country,̈ Burke recalls. 

NicaLove is 100% nonprofit. They became nonprofit to broaden what the charity can do to help others. NicaLove partnered with FNE International in 2019 as a fiscal sponsor agreement which means they offer the ability for legal and tax-exempt status and NicaLove pays a small percentage to cover FNE´s expense. 

¨It was important to do this so we could continue our work, reach a broader donor base and give us more opportunities here and in Nicaragua to do projects.¨ 

Fundraising for NicaLove in the US has mostly been bake sales and lemonade stands, as well as Facebook fundraising on their NicaLove page and group. Currently, Burke is working on a large fundraiser for the spring; an auction and physical event to show what the charity does along with a presentation.  

 ̈ ̈Work we have done on the ground in Nicaragua-: to date, we have hosted 7 sterilization and wellness clinics for domestic and working animals. 244 sterilizations, 509 wellness appts for domestic and working animals (consisting of vaccines, vitamins, flea, and tick treatment, deworming, wound care, equine dental and hoof care and more). We do rescue and rehabilitation work with cats and dogs,̈ Burke states when asked about what NicaLove has accomplished thus far. 

NicaLove has also sponsored life-saving surgeries for animals.  They co-support an orphanage in San Marcos hosting parties, crafts/art projects, supporting with donated goods of clothing, sports equipment, art, and supplies, as well as food donations. They also co-support a school in a rural community in the cane field called Escuela Rosario, providing sporting equip, clothing, school supplies, celebratory fiestas, and art projects. NicaLove provided several baseball teams with uniforms and gear donated on the seacoast under a previous name of  ´DoublePlay Gear´, a group Julie Burke created with a man locally to collect used gear and then donate in Nicaragua. They shipped over 2000lbs of gear, beginning in early 2015. Due to complications, NicaLove no longer ships materials overseas. They carry in everything and use donations to buy materials in the country, which helps support local businesses. 

Recently, NicaLove has begun to give Micro Loans to support families in the area. 

Anyone can donate at any time. To donate a check, they can be sent to FNE International with NicaLove in the memo. 

Donation link: (Follow the prompts and add support a project – then add “nicalove” including name is important so NicaLove receives donations)

NicaLove accepts cash donations. 

NicaLove accepts donations of:

  • New school supplies
  •  New art and craft supplies
  •   New dog and cat- leashes, collars, harnesses, muzzles, flea and tick meds, hair brushes, nail clippers, flea and tick combs
  •   New or gently used baseball gloves, balls and soccer balls

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