Rec Studs

Matthew Slover, PHS Paperclip Writer

 There has been some recent controversy surrounding the Recreational Basketball (Rec Ball) and  Portsmouth High school (PHS) varsity basketball communities. This is due to the comments that have been made by varsity and rec ball players alike.

“I am 100 percent sure, due to the flawed coaching techniques of Portsmouth high school basketball, the rec ball community league top 5 players could dominate, pulverize, kill the top 5 players on the PHS team due to grit, hustle, and determination.” These were the words of former varsity starter Griffin Ritzo who quit the varsity team last year to pursue a promising Rec Ball campaign this season. 

“Who’s that?” were the comments of a fired-up Coleman Brewster upon hearing of Ritzo’s statement. Brewster followed up with “I kind of view that people in Rec Ball now are just a little more arrogant and they think they’re really good, but like none of them are really good enough to play varsity basketball so that’s why they’re playing rec.” Brewster finished his statement with “We’ll settle this on the court.”  

“I just love his attitude towards the whole situation,”   self-proclaimed head of the player committee Jacob Duddy’s view on the situation. “I’m not gonna fully support his comments, but I love to see it out of the rec ball community.” 

“I’m not one hundred percent on that, I think it would be a close match up, in the beginning, I think they can hold their own, I think they are very confident, and they are very physical.” These weere Duddy’s thoughts on the outcome of a varsity versus rec ball matchup. The players that Jacob Duddy believed where best for the job of taking on the varsity team are as follows: Griffin Ritzo, Kevin Gum, Jesse Ward, Oscar Lalime, and Ryan Minckler.

Could this game between the top Rec Ball players and the PHS Starting Five just be a fantasy that we would like to see happen, or could we in fact see once and for all if these Rec Ball players actually have what it takes to hang with the PHS starting five.