PHS Welcomes New Science Teacher

PHS Welcomes New Science Teacher

Debra Wyman and Emma Tizzard

This year at Portsmouth High School, a new science teacher has joined the department: Mr. Jablonski. It’s his seventh year as a teacher. Before joining PHS, he taught at Oyster River High School, Berwick Academy, and Dakota Ridge High School. 

Q: “What made you want to teach here at PHS?”

Jablonski: “I have family down the road in Newmarket, so we were living in Colorado with my wife and we decided to move back.  I lived in Portsmouth for three years before we left, so I knew some people who worked here and they told me it’s a great school to work at. So I applied and got the job!”


Q: “What do you like most about the science department?”

Jablonski: “The science department is really collaborative so everyone works really well together and no one is throwing me on an island saying good luck.”


Q: “What’s your opinion of the students here?”

Jablonski: “They’re really good and high achieving. They really care but sometimes a little too much…but I’d rather have them care than not care.”


Q: “Are you planning on teacher here for a long time?”
Jablonski: “Yes, the goal would be to teach here until I retire.”


Q: “Are you the type of teacher to connect with your students?”

Jablonski: “Yes, so I think it’s really important to  connect and be friendly”


Q: “What is different about PHS than your last school?”

Jablonski: “ The difference is the class size, they are smaller here, and doing it all in one semester. So the last school we had 90-minute blocks but I saw kids every other day for the year. Here I’m doing a full class in 18 weeks and it feels super fast. So I’m just trying to get adjusted to one thing and the next day it’s something new ” *snaps fingers*


Q: “Is there anything at this school you want to see a change in?”

Jablonski: “Not at the moment but I guess that would be  because I just don’t know enough because I’m such a newbie.”


Q: “What is one fun fact about you?”

Jablonski: “I grew up with 3 dogs. A yellow lab, a black lab, and a Sperry spaniel. They were always going nuts. There was always a battle between the three of them.”