Military Awareness at PHS

Kody Demers, PHS PaperClip Staff/Writer

At Portsmouth High School we have military recruiters come in during lunch or at TASC, but that’s not enough. For students who are just looking for something to do with their future or have an interest in the military, it would make a huge difference if our school had more resources for the kids interested in joining the military.  

There are so many benefits the military has to offer such as paying for college as well as providing healthcare and dental care, and of course travel depending on your job within the military. There are many other benefits but those are some of the more popular.

Speaking of jobs, the military also offers many different job opportunities. All the branches are different but they have over 800 different jobs in the military.

Many schools have programs such as JROTC. Portsmouth had more programs a few years ago. If more students knew about the opportunity that comes with being in the military, even the reserves, more students might consider enlisting.