Who Loves Fortnite? WE LOVE FORTNITE!


Owen Rand and Jackson Moore

October 14th, 2019: the Fortnite community was in complete shock after the whole game was engulfed by an ominous black hole after months of anticipation regarding the new upcoming chapter. Let’s take a closer look at what is going on within the community almost 2 weeks after the black hole event reset the game.

Let’s break down some of the new additions the Fortnite community can play with throughout this new chapter:

  • New water features:
    • Fishing for health and weapons 
    • Swimming 
    • Motorboats 
  • Map Changes:
    • Multiple new POI (Point of Interest)
    • Bringing back some original locations 
    • Gamers can now hide in barrels and small spaces  
  • Squad Support:
    • New Bazooka Bandage Gun that shoots bandages to deliver health on the go
    • Carry fallen teammates to help them move faster and get back in the game
  • Overall upgrades to experience 
    • New default skins
    • Much better graphics 
    • UI upgrade (user interface)
  • Weapon Changes  
    • All guns now have a common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary rarity.
    • The guns are:
      • Burst Assault Rifle 
      • Assault Rifle
      • Submachine Gun
      • Pump Shotgun 
      • Tactical Shotgun 
      • Bolt Action Sniper

You can now also trade in materials to upgrade the rarity of your weapon!

With all these new additions and upgrades, the Fortnite community has had an overwhelmingly positive outlook on the game’s current state and what the future holds with this game.

We took this information to the hallways of PHS and asked a couple of students what they think about the current state the game is in. William Ponzer, Senior, Pro-Gamer commented: “It’s a really nice restart to the game, almost makes the game simpler again just like when it first came out a couple of years ago.”