Too Much Homework?

Are you taking challenging classes? Do your teachers give a lot of homework? Do they all give you assignments at the same time? Does that stress you out? If yes, here are some ways to help you eliminate your stress, or reduce it.


Selena Webber, PHS PaperClip Writer

A lot of homework can be stressful and time-consuming. To reduce stress, you could make a planner. Whether on a piece of paper or in your agenda book, you can schedule a certain amount of time per subject.

If the subject matter really stresses you out, you can talk with your teacher and make a plan. You could come to school early or stay later to get extra help on your assignments.

If the homework issue surrounds you continuously turning things in late, then you should go to your guidance counselor and consider getting a study center. It will help you with your studies and homework.

Instead of working on a project all at once, you can break down tasks. Do little chunks every day.

You could reach out to a peer for assistance in a subject. Get a tutor to help you study or complete big tasks.