“Policed to meet you, Officer Thomas!”

“Policed to meet you, Officer Thomas!”

Hayley Currier and Calista Hopley

Officer Lynn Thomas is not so new to Portsmouth, but she is new to the Portsmouth High School community. She has been working with the city for a total of 14 years. Before her job here at PHS as School Resource Officer, she worked in Patrol at the Portsmouth Police Department. 

Officer Thomas was a field training officer, training officers that were coming from the Academy, familiarizing them with Portsmouth, policies, New Hampshire laws, etc. 

On her role switch to PHS, she said, “I love working with kids. Before I ever came into law enforcement I was a social worker in Massachusetts so I knew at some point I wanted to work in a school… so when the position opened up, I jumped on it and I got it.” 

 “The kids, the staff, everyone is so welcoming, fun, the kids have been great and I know they love Munson, but they’re slowly starting to accept me. It’s just a great place to work,” Officer Thomas said on the subject of the school and community. 

“When I’m not working, I am active in the community and like playing sports,” said Officer Thomas. She also said she enjoys, “Softball, skiing, hiking, Crossfit, basically just being active and playing outdoors.” 

A fun fact about Officer Thomas is that she is “deathly” afraid of bees. She said, “If there is one is my cruiser I will stop it, get out and run around if I have to.”

If you have not had a chance to meet Officer Thomas, you can find her in her office in the new foyer, or roaming the halls of PHS! Welcome to Officer Thomas!