“After,” a Netflix Movie: Is it Worth Watching?

Ashley Clark and Jessie Schlieper

“After” is a new romance/drama film directed by Jenny Gage and starring Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin rated PG-13. The movie was released in the US on Netflix around April 2019.

“After” is based on the novel written by Anna Todd. The film is currently rated with 5.4 out of a 10-star scale on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and a 17% rating from movie critics and 72% from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes.

“After” tells the story of a college freshman Tessa Young, who has an ordinary life. When moving into her dorm room she soon becomes exposed to people around her with risky lifestyles in comparison to her own. Tessa meets another student, Hardin Scott. Despite Tessa having a proper boyfriend back home, the two begin an unsteady relationship, and Hardin holds a secret. 

What we mainly liked about the movie was the cinematography. During the emotional scenes, the techniques used by the director and editor were effective. When the main character was crying, there was slow motion, intensifying music, and she was in focus while everything else was blurred. Also, the use of montages was beneficial. It condensed moments they had as a couple so the audience can see how much time they spent together.

What we disliked about the movie was the lack of build-up to the development of feelings for each other. There was no smooth transition between them being strangers and disliking each other to falling in love. It created awkwardness and unfamiliarity with the characters. 

The movie “After” has the classic romantic storyline of the good girl falling for the bad boy. The change in the characters from the beginning is significant. Hardin went from an emotionally unavailable trouble maker to an open and soft-hearted companion. Tessa changed from an inexperienced nervous girl to a strong and passionate person.

The film had a weak beginning, but as the movie progressed the story became cohesive and stronger.

We would recommend this movie if you like sappy love stories and are comfortable viewing mature adult content. It is a good movie for the intended audience, but others may view it as cringe.