PHS Students Express Concern on Hallway Etiquette

Friendly Advice on How to Improve Hallway Manners.


Ashley Clark, PHS Paperclip Staff/Writer

One student has their eyes set on a phone while wandering on the left side of the hall, another is walking on the right simply getting to class. Bam– a student is shoved by the one on their phone, is this necessary? With the hundreds of students at PHS, passing times in the hallways are overwhelming with some running, bumping into others, walking while on their phone, stopping for conversations, etc. 

Most PHS students claim others don’t have manners when walking through the hallway. “They push other kids, getting in the way by stopping in the hallway to have a conversation,” sophomore Madalyn White says. Teacher at PHS, Carla Frank expresses concern, “when I say hi, half of them don’t say hi back.” 

Most students claim they experience poor hallway etiquette frequently. “Every day I walk in the halls,” senior Indiah Miles claims she experiences rude hallway behavior. Other students claimed they don’t just witness bad hallway manners once a day but every other block, or every single time they walk from class to class.

Students shared tips on how to achieve better passing times at PHS.

“Look up when walking, don’t be on your phone,” sophomore Ariana Seavey suggests.

PHS junior McCenzy Martenson advises, “Walk on the right side, don’t walk in groups,”

“Don’t stop for conversations,” PHS senior Dexter Lanigan reminds.

Lastly, senior at PHS Soraida Lopez offers simple advice reminding us of how to act in the halls: “Stay on the right side, keep moving, we got places to be people.”

It’s fair to say PHS students, and perhaps even taff, have some work to do on being courteous when walking in our halls. Hopefully, the concern shared and the advice given will allow for better hallway etiquette in the future.