The Clipper News Team

Oscar Lalime, PHS PaperClip Staff

For years, PHS has had a news team to offer an enriching channel students could watch every Friday. Last year’s news team was full of all seniors. Many thought the news was dying off, until three brave students stepped up to report the news. These three students took a whole week to prepare an episode. The leader of this team goes by the name Luke Shambo, a senior here at PHS. The cameraman, Joe Platt, is a guy with all the right tools for the job. Matt Slover, a junior at PHS,  is the director for the episodes, who has the mind of an academy award winning director. 

I stopped Luke Shambo in the halls to ask him about this incredible news team. Shambo said to me “I think the news team has a great connection an unbreakable bond like an atom and an electron– unbreakable.” 

This news team breaks up the episodes into three sections. The first section is about the town, and then about the school, sports, and band. Then, the question of the week such as holidays and upcoming events, where they walk around the school and ask fellow peers to answer some questions. Most of the time they are very interesting and fun questions. 

I asked Shambo why he joined the news team: “I thought it would be an experience, seeing the news team when I was a freshman on the tv and I knew right then and there why I was here at PHS and it was to report the news. “ 

This news team is a great success, and the team is strong and they are the best at what they do. These three men are bringing fun and important events to the student body at PHS.