PHS Parking Pass: Worth the Price?


Dinh Ly, Paperclip Writer

There are many different policies that local schools use for parking. The main difference is the price of high school parking passes.

Portsmouth High School (PHS) parking passes are sold for $150. Students can also choose to buy the $75 passes that work for half a school year (one semester). The passes are available to seniors and juniors on a first come first served basis. There are only 258 parking spaces.

Exeter High School sells parking passes for $25. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors can apply for the pass. A parking pass will be revoked after 7 tardies. There is no refund once the students apply for it.

At Winnacunnet High School, the parking passes are sold for $50. It is for all grades from senior to freshman. The school’s parking lot is only large enough to fit half a grade. There is also no refund policy for parking passes.

Oyster River High School’s (ORHS) parking passes are only available for seniors and juniors. Seniors in the school always have the priority for parking permits. It’s the long-time tradition of ORHS. The school starts selling parking passes to different categories of students listed in different pools and categories. There are 4 Pools in total.

Parking passes are sold in order from Pool 1-4. ORHS will eventually stop selling the passes if the previous pool filled up the parking lot. The school will start selling parking passes to the next pool if the parking lot isn’t filled up at the due date assigned for one specific pool. There are many opportunities for carpooling and specialized deals if students buy a pass together.

At Dover High School, parking passes are available to Seniors and Juniors for $20. Students who are suspended for 5 or more days will lose the parking privilege. There is no refund after they applied and paid for the passes.

PHS parking passes are sold at a pretty high price compared to other schools. “I think they are way overpriced and parking is not even good at school,” said Isabel Wohlert, a junior at PHS.

At PHS, where only seniors and juniors can apply for the passes. “I definitely think that the other classmen should have parking passes too,” Wohlert said. She also stated, “I mean that’s not really fair like why would you make kids take the bus?”

PHS parking policy is slightly different compared to the other local high school. The biggest difference is the price of parking passes. Other high schools have a lower price for the parking passes, which most students could afford.