Student Artists On the Rise


Sage Charache, PHS Paperclip Writer

In the past few years at Portsmouth High School, there have been some updates to the Visual Arts Department staff adding to the positive presence of Tamara Carrigan, who teaches photography. These new faces include Eric Moore who teaches drawing, painting, fundamentals of art, and printmaking, and Sarah Jones, who teaches fundamentals of art, hand-built pottery, wheel-thrown pottery, and sculpture making. With the presence of these new and enthusiastic teachers, the students have been showing increased enthusiasm in the art department.

In Mr.Moore’s class, you’ll find a dimly lit room that is filled with a plethora of art supplies, students who are excited to create, and always a pleasant song to set the mood for inspiration. In Ms.Jones’ room, you’ll find a bright and busy room filled with shelves of student-made pottery, messy hands, and lots of clay being pushed and pulled into perfection.

While the hallway leading into the art wing is always filled with a variety of student art, there is a new addition to the artistic display. Inspired by Eric Moore, there is now a student of the month section which is dedicated to an artist who shows a dedication to creating new and exciting art while pushing boundaries with creativity.

A senior at Portsmouth High School, Harry Pont, is the recipient of this month’s student of the month award. When asked how he felt about the new incentives, Pont replied, “With the new faces in the art department there has definitely been a rise in activity and interest in art. For the past year, I have been really active in making my art, and it was nice that these teachers noticed.”